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Long Straight Human Hair Medical Wig New Firstina Hair

Long Straight Human Hair Medical Wig New Firstina Hair

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Women's Hair Systems » Women's Skin Systems » Custom Ladies Lace/ Thin Skin Injected Real Human Hair Certified Medical Wig

[Product code:FD04


Base Construction
Hand Tied Lace/ Thin Skin Injected 
and elastic bands on the sides
 Hair Length  12 ”- 22” Contact us if you don't see the length you want
Curl & Wave  Straight -Kinky Curly Available
 Density   Light-Medium-Heavy
 Hair Color   Natural Color
 Hair Direction   Freestyle
 Hair Type Available Cambodian, European, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian



  • Beautiful best selling 20" human hair medical wig
  • 100% virgin Cambodian human hair - the finest quality hair available
  • Designed for women with little to no hair
  • Double layer Top for durability and comfort
  • French top w/ each hair individually hand tied for the most realistic look
  • FREE Care & Styling Consultation w/ Certified Cosmetologist Included (Details Below)

What You'll Love About the Firstina-Active Wig by Feel More Like U Cambodian Human Hair

FMLU Hair's Firstina wig is the company's best selling wig of 100% virgin medical hair wigs. The Firstina-Active is a handmade wig with a French Top and silicone trim for a secure grip. This wig is designed for women who have little to no hair.

The Susan's French Top is hand-crafted with each individual strand of luxurious virgin European hair meticulously knotted into the top. This advanced technique gives you the most realistic and natural look that makes it look like the hair is growing right from your scalp. The 'Silk Top' (double layer) of the Susan Sil-Active uses multiple layers of fabric making her much more durable than wigs that only use lace. This multi-directional skip top and the invisible knots also give the Susan wig a naturally sleek appearance.

As with all Firstina Hair collections, the Susan uses some of the softest, silkiest hair in the world. The virgin European hair has never been colored or processed so its natural softness and luster are tangible. The 100% virgin European hair gives you the flexibility to create any style, cut or color you want. The Susan Sil Active is also available in 3 sizes L,M, S and XS.


  • Realistic & Natural-Looking
  • 100% Virgin European Human Hair (can be dyed)
  • Lace Top
  • 100% Hand-Tied + Skin Injected


  • Hair Length: 20"

Cap Sizes:

  • L, M, S & XS


Free Care & Styling Consultation

Our primary goal is for you to feel beautiful and confident with your new hair. In order to provide the best experience for our customers, we include a Personalized Styling and Care Consultation with your purchase (this consult is free for all wig purchases over $1700).

Your consultation will be with a Certified Cosmetologist/wig expert who's experienced in working with women and men who need a wig due to medical hair loss or women who want a new wig for that special occasion (or who are just looking for an amazing new look!).

During this personalized consultation (we do them via phone or video chat), your cosmetologist will get to know you and your specific situation and will provide personalized advice so your new wig lasts a long time and looks amazing! You will also have the opportunity ask any questions you may have about your new hair. Whether it's about how to care for your new hair or how to style it to match your unique looks and personality, your cosmetologist will make sure all your questions are answered!

All Wigs Inspected By a Certified Cosmetologist Before Shipping

Every wig shipped to our customers is personally inspected by one of our Certified Cosmetologists/Wig Specialists. Wigs aren't like a pair of shoes or yoga pants. We want to help you Look Good & Feel Better

Authenticity Guarantee guarantees that all wigs you order from our site are certified authentic & medical wigs 





We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new wig. And color plays a key part in your satisfaction and happiness. In fact, the #1 reason a wig may fall short of expectations – especially when making the purchase online - is its color.

We understand your hair is a part of your identity, and the color you select can say a lot about you. This is a decision we do not take lightly and want to help our customers choose the perfect color for their skin tone and personality.

These are the steps we take to make finding your perfect hair color as easy as possible…

1. We stock the most popular colors for the wig styles we carry. The ones we, and our partners at All That & More Hair, know from experience most women are looking for - and are HAPPIEST with.

2. If you like one of those colors we have in stock, great! Simply order it and we'll send it to you ASAP!

3. If you're not sure (or don't see the color you're looking for) please choose the "Not sure - Help me choose the perfect color!" option and order your wig.

4. After you place your order, a Certified Cosmetologist/Wig Specialist from our partners at All That & More Hair will reach out to you to schedule a video chat (via Zoom). There is NO additional charge for this service!

5. During this video chat, your Certified Wig Specialist will get to know you, your skin tone, personality and more. After getting to know you, the Specialist will discuss the best color options for you and help you decide on the perfect color.

6. Once you’re happy with your color choice, your order will be automatically updated and your wig will be shipped to your door.


Easy peasy! And, of course, if you're not 100% happy with the color after your consult, just let us know before your order is processed and we'll give you a refund on your order -minus $150 consultation service fee we credit the purchase price toward your account.

Beyond the Color Consultation

Most of the time, the consultation described in the steps above is all you need to find the perfect color. 

Here are some additional options we offer to help you find the perfect color...

Option 1 - Order a Color Swatch: 

For the most accurate color representation, most of our available brand’s swatches are available for purchase. Simply order the swatch through us and you will be able to select the best hair color from your favorite brand.

Option 2 - Color Ring Exchange Program:

Another cost-effective way to choose your best color is through our Color Ring Exchange Program. Simply order the color ring you want to select from and return it within 10 days of receiving it. When we receive the color ring with all of its swatches, we credit the purchase price (minus shipping) toward your account. This store credit does not expire, so you can use it whenever you are ready to make a purchase. Please keep in mind, that failure to return the color ring within 10 days or without all of the swatches violates our policy, and you will own the product. 

Option 3 - Send a Hair Sample: 

With our team of experts available to help, you can simply send us a sample of your own hair or wig that you want to match. Our color experts will select the color blend that best represents your sample. 

Experience You Can Rely On

Your Wig Specialist can discuss all these options with you during your video chat. These wig specialists have been helping women select appropriate hair color matches for almost 20 years. Whether they are helping a bride-to-be or a cancer patient, they offer a high level of care, compassion and knowledge that ensures your investment is worthwhile!


If you have any questions, please contact us in the
Live chat box below in the right hand corner of your screen
Phone: 678-404-2477

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