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Bundle up and save on our best combo kits for travel, hair loss, lace wig installs \ easy application and under-hair care. These thoughtful combinations have everything you need to look great and feel better, day after day.

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Cancel your overpriced club for hair membership.

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How we help |While some find just what they’re looking for among our ready-to-wear custom hair systems, you may prefer a fully Customized & Tailored fitting system to match your specific head size, hair loss pattern, density, and color blend. So that we can manufacture a hair system that best fits your head natural-looking as if it's growing from your own scalp we strongly recommend Book A Consultation with an expert.

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  • Well-fitted wigs for improved self-confidence during treatment 

    When I’m wearing my FMLU wig, I feel just like everyone else and I can be who I am. I’m not a label, I don’t have cancer"

    Karen H. ~Cancer survivor

  • Personalized, private consultations 

    It’s not about any wig, it’s about choosing the right one. Our services offer an extensive selection of wigs, turbans, beanies, and scarves in various styles and colors. Karen took advantage of the personalized consultation to find the perfect custom-fitting wig.  

  • DIVERSE SELECTION~It can be very hard to find a wig,

    there are a lot of different types and your hair is yours. It’s very unique, but once you’ve found the right wig, it just feels incredible and you just look in the mirror and it’s just a breath of fresh air."

    Emily R. ~Cancer survivor

  • Not being defined by a diagnosis

    I lost my hair when I was just 13 and that was a very tough time for me when I was sorting out my identity…It wasn’t until I tried on my first FMLU wig, I thought ‘it’s okay’."

    Sherri T. ~Living with Alopecia Areata

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Medical Insurance Wigs

Follow these steps to see how you may be eligible to be reimbursed on your next human hair wig purchase through your health insurance.

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Wig/Topper/Prosthetic/Skin Hair Replacement Services

We ALSO provide, free of charge post chemo cut for you or someone you know who is currently making the transition to enter chemo treatment, is currently wearing a cranial prosthetic due to alopecia, medical hair loss, or cancer-related issues, or has come out the other side & is in need of their first post-chemo cut

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Hair Extension Services

These extensions are installed by a professional stylist in a salon. Refresh your hair game with a method tailored to your hair needs. No Matter How Devastating You Think Your Hair May Be | We Change Lives!

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    Fmlu HAND MADE CUSTOM Hair System is quality hair at a price that's fair. Our hair systems are made to blend seamlessly with your own skin. This is not a wig or toupee! A system is the most natural-looking alternative aside from having your own hair.

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    We have been in business for 20+ years with an ever-growing list of clients. Our Master Stylists have worked for various top hair system companies including theatrical and movie settings.

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    "Not only do I get better quality with FMLUH, but I also get better SERVICE. "I have been coming to their partner salon for over 3 years. It is private 1 on 1 and they are always professional and my wife likes my hair! So I am EXTREMELY happy!"

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