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Kia Styles Braiding & Weaving Legacy Package (Buy Now for $39)

Kia Styles Braiding & Weaving Legacy Package (Buy Now for $39)

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Kia Styles “Legacy” Braiding & Weaving Package!

For 13 Years These Videos Were Shipped As Physical DVDs To Over 55 Countries All Over The World & Have Been Responsible For Changing Lives!

I Was 9 When It All Began...

At 9 years old I started braiding my own hair out of desperation. My Aunt at the time was a single mother and was not able to pay for me to get my hair braided so I was determined to have my hair braided.

So since my hair was already braided I decided to reverse engineer each braid and figure out how to put it back in. next started braiding my sister and cousins hair. I will be honest with you, they were the worst looking braids I'd ever done, but I kept practicing until I perfected it.

Years later by age 12 I developed my technique and during Basic Training I began to develop a clientele! Fast forward age 15 I was very excited and word of mouth and many referrals encouraged me to get my Natural Hair Culturalist | Braiding License and by age 16 worked in my cousin salon as a professional. 

So for 13 years we produced Braiding & Weaving DVDs that taught people from all over the world how to do different techniques. We shipped DVDs, but now we took those DVDs and put them in a digital format.

You can benefit instantly from the techniques that are still relevant today!


Braiding & Weaving Package

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