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I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions >Professional Install Application Service with a FMLU Licensed Certified Hair Extension Expert

I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions >Professional Install Application Service with a FMLU Licensed Certified Hair Extension Expert

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 FMLUH Certified Hair Extension & Wig Specialist Presents: ALL THAT & MORE CUSTOM HAIR EXTENSIONS, WIGS & WEAVES & NON-SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT BEAUTY SALON Salon #nearme #Microlink #microbead #itip
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Microlinks, a Safer Approach to Hair Extensionsschedule microlink i-tip hair color appointment service near me


I-Tip Microlink Hair Extensions Microlink i-tip appointment service near me

Here at AT&M, we offer a variety of healthy hair extensions. One of our most popular hair extension services is our I-Tip Microlink Hair Extension Method.

I-Tip Micro Links are attached in small sections using individual strands by using a silicon-lined micro ring with a double loop interlocking system.

That means no keratin, glues or any heat at all. ⁣⁣The looping method helps the hair to not shift or slide.⁣ Certain thin spots can be given more links to create a more full and balanced appearance.⁣

What Are The Benefits Of Microlink Hair Extensions?

One of the reasons why Micro-links are considered to be a safe hair extension method is because there is no adhesive used during application. (The installation is “glueless”) Microlinks are attached in small sections (strand by strand) by using a silicon-lined micro ring with a double loop interlocking system. The looping method helps the hair to not shift or slide.

This also means no heat is used at all during the installation process. Heat may be applied if  requested when styling the finished look

Do You Like To Play Around With Hair Colors? Perfect! Best microlink i-tp salon service appointment near meschedule microlink salon service appointment consultation

With microlink extensions, you can easily dye your hair because the rings do not stain or ruin.

Microlink extensions are easy to readjust. Just simply come in for your routine maintenance appointment. We guarantee our microlinks method for 2-3 months when all home care instructions are followed.⁣ Your microlinks have the potential to last 8 months, or even longer!⁣

As long as you choose a human hair texture, you are more than welcome to reuse your hair extensions for your next application.⁣ If you choose to remove your Microlinks, that service is very fast and easy as well.

Will This Help Or Harm My Thinning Hair?

Microlinks are actually great for camouflaging hair thinning or hair loss. Since we have full control over the way the links are placed, you are still be able to achieve a more full and balanced look.

Microlinks can even be placed in a way that makes your face appear more youthful.

So…Why Wait?

For over 20 years, All That & More Custom Fitting Hair Extensions,  has been a global provider we have performed thousands of Microlinks services local & international for women of all ethnicities and hair types. If you're considering choosing this method, rest assured knowing you're in great hands with us.

We are always here to help with any questions that you may have. 

For more information, reviews, and to schedule a consultation please give us a call:

(678) 404-2477 or visit our website

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