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Boost Your Hair's Brilliance! Enjoy 15% Off on TDI Cuticle Pro-Tech

Boost Your Hair's Brilliance! Enjoy 15% Off on TDI Cuticle Pro-Tech

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"Discover the secret to lustrous and healthy hair with TDI Cuticle Pro-Tec. Enhance shine, protect your hair, and achieve salon-worthy results. Get 15% off for a limited time!"

Coupon Code: CUTICLE15

Give your hair the ultimate protection and shine it deserves with TDI Cuticle Pro-Tec. For a limited time, we're offering a special discount of 15% off on this revolutionary hair product. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance the health and radiance of your hair. Simply use coupon code CUTICLE15 during checkout to avail of this exclusive offer. Transform your hair care routine and unlock the secret to lustrous, salon-worthy locks with TDI Cuticle Pro-Tec.

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TDi Cuticle Pro-Tec Spray closes the hair cuticle to even the porosity of human hair. Formulated with amino acids and panthenol to help fortify hair, it minimizes humidity problems. This spray is also excellent for using as a pre-wrap for perms to give them more even curl with less damage to hair, and after rinsing out neutralizer. 4-ounce spray bottle.



Human Hair, Synthetic Hair

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