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Active Hold Scalp Protector Action (prep for Wig | Hairpiece | Topper instant hold and maximum endurance)

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Gentleness: Skin safe An adhesive booster for the longest-lasting hold times

Firstina Scalp Care Protector - Easy to Apply Clear Liquid Kit - Waterproof for Longer Sport Use - Works with Adhesive Tape or Glue for your Lace Wig | Topper | Hairpiece - 1oz


About this item

  • 🛡️ LONG LASTING SCALP PROTECTOR: apply product to form a protective layer on the scalp skin. Improves adhesion in hot and humid weather. Serves as a good cap for sensitive scalp skin to prevent irritation.
  • 🛡️GREAT BOLD GRIP: Works well with tape or adhesive glue in giving better hold even on oily skin for front lace wig. It is also waterproof that you can use in swimming or in active sports.
  • 🛡️NATURAL SCALP PRODUCT FOR WIG GLUE: Let it dry then apply wig glue or the bonding product before attaching the wig. It provides a better bond and natural hair extension look for men and women.
  • 🛡️USING THE SCALP PROTECTOR: First, clean the scalp using 99% alcohol, then dab on or apply the scalp protector and allow it to dry until it does not have a sticky or tacky feel. We do not recommend using the product on irritated skin.
  • 🛡️INCLUDES: 1 Bottle of 1 oz Scalp Protector 

About this item



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