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AT&M MEDI-GRO-CONDITIONER-Thicker, Fuller,Healthier Looking Hair And Edges Are Possible

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Protect your hair under there! Under Wig, Hair Extensions, and Under Weave Care Treatment

Grow long, strong, and healthy hair with our Protective Styles collection. This line offers a specific regimen to help you get the hair of your dreams no matter the style or texture

We accessorize with our hair- we braid it, weave it, wig it, lock it - and through it all, we want to keep our scalp clean and refreshed. This unique Medi-Gro Conditioner & Scalp treatment designed to volumize thin, fine and weak hair without heavy chemicals. This natural blend is a unique formula of herbs and extracts that will help to give hair sheen, softness and volume.

Follow Up With Our Recommended Scalp Treatment regimen that helps promote the preservation of healthy hair. AT&M Medi-Gro-Conditioner ingredients are fused together to aid in the restoration of your hair from the roots all the way down to the tips. We have enhanced system by using "old world" ingredients that have been used for centuries helping condition the hair and scalp, improving the environment for healthy hair growth and thicker looking fat hair and edges


  • Helps to soften and detangle
    Helps to strengthen hair
    Weightless conditioners
  • Helps Hair Look and Feel Thicker
  • Aids in Strengthening Hair
  • View Our Protective Styles Regimen Guide for: 
  • Under Wig Care
  • Under Weave Care
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Lace Front Wig Care

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