Why We Charge a Consultation Fee | Alopecia Support & Cancer Council's Custom Made Wig Fitting Service

Why We Charge a Consultation Fee | Alopecia Support & Cancer Council's Custom Made Wig Fitting Service

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Do you know what the most common complaint when people attempt to order their own wigs is? That it doesn't fit! Imagine excitedly investing your hard earned money into a fabulous wig you believe you're getting at a great deal - only to have it be TOO SMALL!! Tragic.

"My wig came and looks beautiful - but I feel like my head has been in a vice clamp after an hour! I can't wear it for any length of time. I wasted my money."
Or imagine receiving your new wig and it being TOO BIG! Now your hair is sliding around atop your head and looks like, well - a wig. Not ideal, not in either scenario.
By booking a consultation with a certified Wig Specialist, you are investing in an experience with someone who has 20+ years expertise, spent many hours learning the ins and outs of proper fitting, cleaning, coloring and of course styling of your wig! Additionally, for those starting Chemotherapy, you have the option of shaving your head in a private room in our quiet and secluded Wig Loft.

Visit The World's Largest Collection Of Natural Looking Custom Made Wigs Including Premium European Human Hair Wigs

Experience firsthand the beauty and craftsmanship of All That & More luxury wigs, hair extensions and hair toppers at our wig loft in Lilburn & Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Enjoy VIP Access

You will have unique access to our complete range of wig and topper collections. Come play with colors, lengths, and find the perfect fit for you.

One of our compassionate, discreet and highly knowledgeable representatives will assist you while offering you styling tips and maintenance advice.

Simply book an appointment and start your journey to owning your dream hair today.

Enjoy VIP Access

Our $250 non refundable fee that we charge up front is for the cost of your wig fitting custom head mold, personalized wig fitting, color matching, service and time we are providing while assisting you to properly fit your head, search through hundreds of wigs in our inventory, and answer all of your questions about quality, design and upkeep. By paying your fee up front, you are reserving this time one on one with your specialist. Should you purchase a wig from your session, that $100 is taken off the cost of your purchase. After you've taken your wig home, you still have the option to call or come to us for any of your wig care, wig styling, wig shampoo, refresh, repairs (and more) needs. You won't find that ANYWHERE online!
We truly believe you are worth that time and deserve our one on one attention! Let our lengthy knowledge be of use to you by investing in a consult - you'll be SO happy you did!
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