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Compare Custom Hair Systems with Fit Custom Ready-to-Wear

Compare Custom Hair Systems with  Custom Fit Ready-to-Wear Sew-In Protective Style Weave Wigs

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Custom Hair Systems


For extensive and permanent hair loss

For any level of hair loss

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater)

Daily removal (cannot sleep, shower, or swim underwater)


Made to stock/common specifications


Machine wefted, possibly with some handmade elements, depending on product

Custom-fitted to your head, any shape

Limited sizes

Choice of densities

One density per style

Choice of hair length

Limited hair lengths

Choice of curl and wave

No or few curl options, limited wave patterns

Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

Limited colors with predetermined highlights

High definition front hairline

Front hairline depends on the product chosen

Available in all shapes, from small frontals to full caps

Full or partial coverage

Cut, style, and blending included in the cost

Cut, style, and blending not available, and can void the guarantee

Eight to twelve-week turnaround time

Ships same or next day

Available with Standing Order Discount

Not available with Standing Order Discount

Prices start at $499

Prices vary depending on product and hair type


To do your own comparison, 

1st-time guests get a FREE virtual video consultation. Our Hair & Wig expert show u Wigs, Extensions, & Natural-looking Hair-Replacement Solutions.  Instantly achieve a voluminous 'do with wigs & hair extensions at feelmorelikeuhair.com! Browse our assortment of long, short, and bob wigs, clip-in bangs, chignons & more, visit Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems for Women & Men or contact us.

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