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Silk Bonnet

Silk Bonnet

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Are bonnets good for extensions?

Similar to why we recommend using a satin or silk scarf or bonnet, adding a satin or silk pillowcase to the mix will add additional protection to your hair extensions. You'll notice a major difference in how your hair looks in the morning and you will thank us later.

Silk Hair Bonnets

Introducing our gorgeous silk hair bonnets! These affordable bonnets are lightweight and protect your hair from any breakage. Like our hair extensions, these bonnets are made soft and silky for your comfort.

We offer 16 different silk bonnet colors to choose from. These colors include Black, Golden Yellow, Blue, Blush Pink, Bronze, Charcoal Gray, Cream, Hot Pink, Lavender, Lime Green, Pearl Red, Purple, Ruby Red, Sky Blue, Tiffany Blue, and White.


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