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A Hair Extension FULL SET WITH HAIR COLOR ALL KINDS (New or Existing Guests)

A Hair Extension FULL SET WITH HAIR COLOR ALL KINDS (New or Existing Guests)

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Full set application of hair extensions with desired color service. We stock all methods of hair extensions available in the hair extension world.  We will help you to choose the best hair extensions for your natural hair, and what will work best to keep your own hair healthy. 

Includes hair extension blending/cutting/hair cost, application, and styling. Includes hair cut/blending and styling.

Choose this option to Add A HAIR COLOR

This option is best for a returning customer, or if you are familiar with hair extensions.  If you have questions choose the service; "Free consultation and Same-Day Service."

Hair Extension Starting Price $550 (full head volume & length)

Duration:  2 to 4 hours.

Choosing this option will give you both length, and proper blending.  Our hair extensions are made of a virgin (one-donor) hair of the finest quality, and they are 22 inches in length.  

Fine hair will require fewer hair extensions, as compared to thick hair.  Shorter hair will require more hair extensions, as compared to finer hair. 


Undoubtedly, the overuse of a high-temperature flat iron damages hair extensions the most!  The thermal heat from flat irons is more concentrated than a curling iron.  As the flat iron runs through the hair, at temperatures over 350 degrees, it will singe your own hair and the hair extensions.  What's even worse, is refreshing the hair and flat ironing over and over again!  

The Hair Extensions Attachment 

In addition to destroying hair, the heat from a flat iron will destroy the attachment area of the hair extensions.  The most damage occurs to the below extensions.

1) Keratin bonded

2) Any hair extensions with polyurethane (p-u)

      a) tape hair extensions

      b). silk flat wefts

      c). K.I.A.S pull-thru

  Note; fragile hand tied wefts can also break with high thermal heat.

What Happens?     

As you flat iron sections of your hair, you may get too close to the attachment, and/or when you flat iron above the attachment the heated hair drops onto the hair extensions.   I have watched while a stylist flat ironed her client's hair, and the high smoldering heat from a flat iron literally destroyed the tape portion of the hair extensions.  Once the attachment area is destroyed, the hair within the extension will begin to shed at a record pace!

Thermal Heat Protectant

A thermal heat protectant will help to protect hair from hot irons, but will never salvage scorched hair.  The thermal heat protectant does not offer any protection to the attachment area.  This also applies to hot combs.

What To Do?

I recommend not using a flat iron or heat comb for any reason.  If your own hair is a bit coarse or dry, I would suggest a keratin smoothing treatment.  We use the Brazilian Blowout brand which is formaldehyde-free and will smooth the hair for up to 4 months.  In many cases, we will perform a keratin treatment prior to the application of hair extensions.

If you like to wear your hair straight, then be sure to order straight hair extensions, they still may have a subtle wave, but the wave straightens easily with blow-drying.  

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