Kia Styles Specialty Medical Wig Maintenance & Aftercare.

Kia Styles Specialty Medical Wig Maintenance & Aftercare.

Kia Styles Specialty Medical Wig Maintenance & Aftercare

Kia Styles Specialty Medical Wig Maintenance & Aftercare

Transforming Lives with Care and Confidence

Monthly Maintenance & Aftercare Components

Service Description Regular Price 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Custom Wig Care Drop-off and pickup services for custom wig care, including washing, setting, and deep conditioning. $75 per service Yes
Maintenance Styling Services Professional styling to maintain the look and feel of the wig. $50 per session Yes
Revitalize Procedures Treatments to revitalize hair follicles and scalp health, including laser therapy and specialized products. $200 per month 99.9% - Yes (individual results may vary)

Why Choose Kia Styles?

  • Fixed Pricing: Clear and consistent pricing for all services.
  • Discounts: Enjoy discounted rates on Maintenance & Aftercare services when purchased together with the R.E.A.P or T.R.E.A.T Prosthesis System.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand behind our services with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

"As an alopecia patient and actress, finding the R.E.A.P Prosthesis at Kia Styles was a game-changer. It's not just a wig; it's a lifelike piece that seamlessly integrates into my roles, giving me the confidence to shine on screen." - Emma

"After battling cancer and losing my hair, AT&M and Kia Styles' personalized care and their T.R.E.A.T Prosthesis have been a blessing. It feels natural, empowering me to reclaim my identity and enjoy life's precious moments with my family." - Sarah

"Being a trans woman, hair loss was a challenging part of my journey. Working from home and caring for my two young children made it even more daunting. Kia Styles' wig solutions and compassionate support have helped me feel more comfortable and confident every day." - Alex

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